Friday, May 07, 2010

A Good Way to Start a Morning

Fridays just tend to be good days.

They almost invariably start with one of my favorite sensations of all time.  That moment, when, as you're groaning because your alarm has gone off and you're just not quite ready to face the day, you realize, as you reach to turn the alarm off, that, today, instead of just resetting it for 24 hours later, you can actually turn it off for the next 72 hours. 

Then, there comes another of my favorite moments.  The realization that this is the day I get to wear jeans at the office.  It happens once a week, but every time it feels like a moment worth celebrating.  This is the moment I've been planning for all week as I stare in my closet, trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to wear for another day of business casual at work.  And then Friday arrives, and the only decision is whether I feel like dressing my jeans up or down that day.  Because the favorite part of the outfit, my most comfortable pants, a pair of jeans, is already decided.

This particular Friday held a surprise, too, as I stepped out the door to begin the walk to the bus.  There is blue sky.  Hours later, the blue sky is already filling again with rain clouds, but that moment when I was greeted by the sun instead of the dull greyness of the last few weeks was lovely.

The roses my coworker gave me had opened more overnight, and greeted me when I arrived at my desk.

I started the morning with a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and a mug of pomegranate green tea.

It's been a good way to start a day.

Here's to Friday, and the weekend it hints at!