Friday, May 07, 2010

Tattoos, Car sales and evening plans

I'm hanging out at my parent's house for a while tonight.

Mooching a free dinner.

Selling my car to my brother J.

For exactly what I paid for it.

He's getting an even better deal than I did, because I paid for a few minor repairs.

But I don't feel right selling it for more than I paid.

It was sold to me as a gift of sorts.

And it feels wrong to make a profit on someone's generosity to me.

Apparently I'm also going to get to check out J's new tattoo.

I found out about the tattoo in a text message this morning, informing me he'd show me tonight.

It seems the king of impermance has had something permanently inked on his body.

I'm WAY curious to find out what it is that made the grade for permanence.

I'm still hoping to get my first tattoo later this year.

Probably to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my healing from depression

And then home, and staring at a wedding slideshow.

Watching a little television via the internet while I putter with the pictures.

And then hoping for rest.