Thursday, December 26, 2013

Daily 5 Revisited - Day 4

Today's Daily 5:

  1. sleeping late at mom and dad's place - not feeling stressed the instant I woke up like I often do at home at Grandma's
  2. the feeling of freshly brushed teeth
  3. the first sip of water when you wake up with a dry mouth in the morning
  4. recognizing financial limits right now, and being able to say no to some amazing deals online for products and restaurant gift cards that I'd very much like to have
  5. playing Stampede Run on my iPhone
  6. simple snacks and leftovers from the last few days as meals
  7. puttering on my laptop, reading and catching up on some personal work stuff
  8. beginning to dream and plan for 2014
  9. browsing a number of healthy eating websites and finding some inspiration for ongoing health goals
  10. a lazy afternoon
  11. magic bags to keep me warm
  12. episodes of Castle on DVD
  13. laughing at some Steve Bell anecdotes from his "Story and Song" album
  14. introducing my dad to a couple of Jimmy Fallon youtube favorites. This video and this one.
  15. re-watching Elf with my parents