Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simple Stillness

The flu that I have wrestled with since Christmas Day seems to finally be receding, and I'm recognizing that I've been away from school long enough that the desire to write, to find words, to read, is spilling out of me again.

And today, once I got through my third challenging work shift in three days, I've been embracing the beautiful stillness of that time away from school.

I ate lunch with my family (turkey soup, so good, my first real meal in days) and then headed home.

I dimmed all the lights except for those on my Christmas tree (and laptop), dressed in pajamas, and crawled into bed for a nap.  I'm not sure you've lived until you've drifted off for a Sunday afternoon nap with a favorite show playing on netflix, and the glowing lights of a Christmas tree reflecting off of the brightly colored ornaments I chose when I decided on a whim that this would be the year I'd once again have a tree in my living space.

Three hours I dozed, buried under the heavy weight of blankets, the softness of my newest faux fur throw tucked up around my neck.

And it was pretty much heavenly.

A week of flu has reminded me again of how much I appreciate simple joys.  How thankful I am for basic health that doesn't leave me out of breath after simply walking up the stairs.  How thankful I am when I am able to clean a little.  How lovely a hot shower feels after a week of illness.  The wonder of something soft against my face.  The joy of turkey soup and breaking an enforced fast.

And the glow of Christmas tree lights twinkling against pink and blue and green and purple ornaments.