Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Days 298, 299 & 300

Day 298 (Friday's Daily 5):

  1. a day off school since my one class of the day conflicted with the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding
  2. buying an awesome (and super cute) pair of shoes to wear with my dress for the wedding
  3. taking the day just a bit slow
  4. mango diablo tea from David's Tea
  5. an awesome meal and lots of laughs at the rehearsal dinner
Day 299 (Saturday's Daily 5):
  1. getting my hair and makeup done for a very affordable rate at a local beauty college
  2. the "flower man"
  3. my brother's face as he caught sight of his bride entering the sanctuary
  4. all of the emotions - watching my mom cry next to me, and dad choke up and preach through tears as he performed the wedding ceremony
  5. lots of laughter, and watching as my brother, his new wife, and their friends celebrated in a way that was perfectly suited to who they are
Day 300 (Today's Daily 5):
  1. an unplanned sleep-in until noon (of course, I didn't get to bed until around 3am so...)
  2. a mini father's day celebration (the big one will be after J&R get home from their Italian honeymoon)
  3. coming home to my own space
  4. an afternoon of awesome quiet, moving slowly through a to do list
  5. a bouquet of flowers, and other bits (little pots of moss, mostly) from some wedding centerpieces that are now part of the decor of my room and are adding a bit of green and life to my rather dark basement abode.