Monday, April 23, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 245

Today's Daily 5:

  1. sleeping late
  2. yoga pants
  3. a Jack Johnson soundtrack as I cleaned
  4. going through boxes and finding the kitchen implements and appliances that will let me live a bit more "normally" in the midst of the crazy
  5. picking out a couple new recipes to try out
  6. exercising body, soul, and mind all at once while walking to do a couple of errands (including groceries) and listening to a great sermon from Shawn Bolz.  "Chocolate is the single person's sex!" Bet that's the first time that's ever been said in a sermon! Love it! 
  7. Tackling several tasks that have been nagging for the last few months
  8. sitting and spending a bit of time in creative pursuits
  9. the thrill of a clean living space
  10. simple, healthy food today
  11. Sun!  It was 25 C today - summer weather!  Hooray! I might just break out the flip flops if it's like that again tomorrow!


I am luxuriating in the time off from school that I'm currently enjoying.

Yes, I'm tackling to do lists and projects, but I'm doing them in stillness, and at a pace that really works for me. (Yes, stillness, my word for the year is Still, so it's nice to embrace it in this way, instead of hunting for it amidst busy chaos.)

I stayed up way too late last night, puttering and reading online.

I slept in way too long this morning, making up for the staying up late.

But it's lovely.

And today I'm tackling little things - resume updating, menu planning, blog post writing.

I'm going to read and respond to comments on last week's post about the body and food.

I'm going to go through some boxes to see if I can locate the vegetable steamer and crockpot that have been in storage for two years, to make my living situation more flexible, and allow me to have a bit more creativity in meal planning.

I'm going to clean off my desk which has been the dumping spot for the detritus of the last couple weeks.

I'm going to knit.

I'm going to watch last night's episode of The Amazing Race (even though it makes the travel bug within me ache painfully) and vicariously enjoy the travels of other people.

I'm might go for a walk, or do a yoga video.

Basically, I'm going to luxuriate, and I think it's going to be amazing.