Monday, March 11, 2013

A Few Smiles

Just a few things as a reminder of joys in my life right now:

  • adding some images to my wall of smiles tonight
  • the color turquoise
  • Martha Stewart organizational products from Staples
  • my Curly Girl calendar
  • trying a new recipe
  • slow paced but productive evening (the best kind!)
  • pictures of honorary nieces and nephews that make me smile (or cry, or both!)
  • reading, reading, reading theology these days, and praying and processing
  • texting with dear friends who are far away
  • a clean desk
  • thinking and working through thoughts on health and my body
  • netflix
  • books and more books
  • Call the Midwife (book and show)
  • friends who keep me accountable
  • being finished my psych rotation
  • bus commutes with podcasts and audio books
  • reading on the kindle app on my ipad
  • anticipating the arrival of spring (even if in Calgary it won't be here for quite some time still)
  • looking forward to a summer placement full of babies and mamas
  • Words with Friends on my phone