Sunday, October 28, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 4, Days 65-68

It was one of those weeks where time got away from me again, so here's a Daily 5 list for the last several days:

  1. a class that finished nice and early
  2. getting back a grade that was very gratifying
  3. an impromptu shopping trip on a break between classes
  4. an evening all to myself
  5. settling in for quiet
  6. sleeping late
  7. a restful day
  8. mixing up a batch of cookies
  9. curling up inside away from the snow
  10. a skype date with L.
  11. a skype with S.
  12. baking a bunch of pumpkin snickerdoodles
  13. a hot shower after a very stressful work shift
  14. the wonders of netflix when you just kind of need a break from thinking
  15. a mandarin orange
  16. sleeping through my quiet Sunday morning, and not feeling even sort of guilty for it
  17. Vietnamese take out with mom and dad and T & L
  18. puttering around my house, cleaning
  19. plowing through a large stack of homework reading
  20. the use of a magic bag for warmth while studying and sleeping