Thursday, November 08, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 4, Days 72-79

It's been midterm season, and life has been a bit overwhelming for the last week and a bit.  Thus the lack of daily 5 posts.  In their absence, here's an abbreviated list of things (in very random order) that have stood out and made me smile in the last week or so.

Daily 5 - Days 72-79:

  1. celebrating a healing anniversary
  2. little boy hugs
  3. a skype date with friends
  4. fun earrings in the mail
  5. leftover halloween chocolate
  6. days spent curled up under a blanket, resting
  7. the continued chance to be learning in clinical
  8. an extra hour of sleep (sort of anyway) because of daylight savings time
  9. some interesting lecture topics in class
  10. worship on campus
  11. seeing a young boy out walking his dog... while riding a unicycle
  12. a cute rabbit curled up by the stone wall in my parent's front lawn
  13. dinner with a friend
  14. being sent home with a bottle of wine
  15. a weekend where I didn't have to study
  16. surviving midterms and doing relatively well on all of them
  17. conversations with a nurse on our floor who has become a friend
  18. clean drinking water
  19. mugs of green tea
  20. an iphone to fill hours on buses and trains