Monday, October 01, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 4, Days 35 - 41

Life has been just a little bit crazy over the last week or so, and I've just not made it here to record my daily 5, though I've certainly been aware of those moments that would make the list as the time has passed.  However, since I managed to forget to even write them down in my journal, I'm here to give you a highlights list for days 35 through 41 of Year 4.

  1. Coffee with my friend K and the encouragement he offered
  2. a skype date/book discussion with S.
  3. a yoga class that ended up being held outside
  4. hugging my favorite little boys
  5. a skype date with Lyds - so good to chat with my bestest friend for a couple hours, after a couple of particularly trying days
  6. having the support of a number of dear friends as I've been wrestling through some faith and life issues
  7. the overwhelming sense of being "not alone"
  8. enjoying my nursing practicums
  9. the advice my friend Karla gave me in a phone call.
  10. a phone date with K and baby A in Florida
  11. worship at the university on mondays
  12. Instagram photos
  13. listening to podcasts on the bus in the mornings
  14. listening to audiobooks on my afternoon transit commutes
  15. some really fascinating patients
  16. books that are challenging my heart
  17. slowly figuring out rhythms for this season of life
  18. nurses who have been really great teachers
  19. finding the right resources to make studying go a bit more smoothly
  20. 93% on my first nursing math test!
  21. working with friends on assignments
  22. vietnamese take out
  23. the anticipation of a quieter weekend coming up
  24. housesitting for the next couple weeks
  25. a long hot shower after a really frustrating work shift last weekend