Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 276

Today's Daily 5:

  1. a decent night of sleep
  2. the smell of rain
  3. laughing as I watched a pair of geese stroll down a university sidewalk, out for a walk in the rain
  4. a class activity surrounding commendations, and reflecting on some that I received
  5. lots and lots of baby cuddles from one of my honorary nephews, and great conversation as I hung out with his mom before house church tonight

Hunting for Rhythm

I'm writing this post in class on Wednesday afternoon, and it's going to be all kinds of random.

I've put off my usual pre-write of Thursday's post as I try to figure out what on earth it is that I'm going to talk about.

Truth is, my creativity wells are running just a little bit dry.  Actually a lot dry.

I'm buried in the state of "adapting back to school is overwhelming".  I've been reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of information about things like family nursing assessment, fetal development, congenital anomalies and circular pattern diagrams.  Some of it it is interesting, a lot of it is slogging.

Add to that some ongoing therapy homework, the need for social interactions, and taking time to send out resumes and try to find work to alleviate some financial stresses, and I just haven't had much time to fill my personal creativity tanks. Entertainment has been less in the stimulating category and more in the mindless category (hello Bachelorette!).

I keep telling myself I'll find the time for personal development and creativity, but the truth is that that might be the thing that slides a little bit until my next semester break in August.  I'm hoping that won't be the case, but I'm recognizing that it might be possible.  It might also be possible that this is just an adjustment phase as the variances of a disorganized program and a brand new semester get sorted out.  It might be that the days are an hour longer this semester and I don't have a full day off in my week.

I'm trying to figure out a new rhythm, and I'm definitely in the trial and error phase.  Every time I hit this phase, I hope it will be shorter than the previous time.  It rarely is.

So my creativity is dry, and that's what I'm here telling you about.  I was so desperate for a topic that I asked the classmate sitting next to me for ideas.  She suggested spring flowers, or the Diamond Jubilee (can you tell that Canada still has strong ties to Britain? I didn't even have to wonder what the diamond jubilee was, I just knew!)  I'm not writing about spring flowers or the diamond jubilee, but that means that I do have to tell you that my inspiration is so dry that I'm soliciting ideas from a classmate, who is pulling ideas from the newspaper she read during class today.

Wish me luck as I move towards finding rhythm and inspiration again!