Friday, July 06, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 319

Today's Daily 5:

  1. coffee with a friend
  2. baby smiles
  3. ease of replacing some things that went missing, and at less expense than I thought.
  4. an evening off (wasn't really planned, but it happened, and it felt great)
  5. crawling in between freshly washed sheets

Friday Reflections - July 6, 2012

We studied this passage at house church last night, and it stands out to me, bringing conviction as I consider some areas of my own life and relationships right now. I'd love to hear if something from this passage stands out to you today.

Romans 14:1, 22-23 (The Message)

1 Welcome with open arms fellow believers who don't see things the way you do. And don't jump all over them every time they do or say something you don't agree with—even when it seems that they are strong on opinions but weak in the faith department. Remember, they have their own history to deal with. Treat them gently.

22-23 Cultivate your own relationship with God, but don't impose it on others. You're fortunate if your behavior and your belief are coherent. But if you're not sure, if you notice that you are acting in ways inconsistent with what you believe—some days trying to impose your opinions on others, other days just trying to please them—then you know that you're out of line. If the way you live isn't consistent with what you believe, then it's wrong.