Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily 5 - Year 3, Day 252

Today's Daily 5:

  1. Early morning birdsong
  2. Fog muted sunrise colors
  3. A warm bus
  4. the beauty that is central heating (something I appreciate more as I remember the month I spent in winter in a place that didn't have it, and as I laugh with one of my best friends who is currently wintering in a spot without it, and walking around with oodles of layers of clothing on, indoors)
  5. the wonder a child has for everything - the fish in the tanks at the grocery store seafood department, the plastic dog bank that solicits donations for guide dogs, a little toy, a pair of shoes
  6. babysitting N. for the first time while A. took a sub job
  7. lunch and time to talk about life with A.
  8. prepping some food for the week - a desk full of freshly washed berries waiting to be consumed
  9. watching the movie The Way
  10. a skype date for an hour and a bit with my bestest friend
It was a full, rich day.  The sort that don't happen all that often, and are worth reveling in and storing up and celebrating.

Monday Confessions

Can I admit something to you?  I do much better at prescheduling and writing well thought out blog posts when my days are somewhat driven by schedule.  On those days, those busy school and work days, I write up to a week of posts in advance.  I think about them, I ponder them, and then I sit down on the weekend to write them.

I'm not good at keeping to that plan when I don't have a schedule.  I tell myself things like "look how much time there is, you can do it later" and then later comes and I repeat myself, until I find myself frantically staring at a to do list and realizing that the post I'd planned to write - the well thought out one that I'd been pondering, is not going to get written for the day I'd hoped to see it go live.

Today is one of those days.  I'm writing this post frantically, somewhat late on Sunday night, because I just realized that Monday is one of the days with posts that I can't quite just throw together, and I do actually have a schedule on this particular Monday.

I've agreed to spend the morning hanging out with one of my favorite small people, while her momma does some work.  But this particular small person and her parents live on the other side of the city, which neccessitates me catching a 6:17am bus to arrive on time for this hanging out gig.

And so, it's another Monday with a thrown together post, because I'm going to love on a small person, and I need to be awake to do it.  Fear not, however, I go back to school in only 9 more days, and then my life will resume it's previously scheduled structure and discipline!