Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reasons to Smile

Counting off a daily 5 of sorts today as I revel in a housesitting gig that got me out of my grandma's basement and into a home with natural light, a normal bathroom, and a full kitchen for a week or so.

Today's reasons to smile:

  1. a car to run errands at my ready disposal
  2. ceiling fans (and other fans) that have kept me comfortable on a hot day
  3. a quick Jillian Michael's circuit workout
  4. a giant fruit salad
  5. the gluten-free pancake mix that I really like being on sale when I went to the store to pick some up
  6. making greek quinoa salad for lunch
  7. gluten free pasta with organic tomato sauce that I added ground turkey, mushrooms, peppers, green onions, and spinach to.
  8. having a kitchen at my ready disposal
  9. knowing that after a hot day that included a workout, I can hop in a shower without traveling to my folk's house, or wondering if grandma is timing how long I'm in there
  10. the Matt Maher station on pandora that I've been listening to off and on today
  11. sitting and reading on a comfy couch, in natural light
  12. quiet space to think and pray
  13. texting with friends
  14. the anticipation of a couple skype dates in the next few days
  15. a chance to enjoy a break from normal life by watching a family member's house and simply resting - a bit of a personal retreat that couldn't have come at a better time.