Friday, May 07, 2010

New Recipe Project Update

Here's the update on the new recipe project.

The goal is to make at least two brand new recipes a year (either something I've never eaten before, or a recipe I've had somewhere else, but never made on my own.)

For April, the new recipes were as follows (unfortunately, I don't have photographic proof of these ones at the moment... need to check my camera at home, maybe there are photos there!):
  1. Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons
  2. Hot-Crossed Buns
  3. Blackberry Cobbler
Last night I made the first new recipe for the month of May:

This is Tomato-Beef Chowder.  L and I used to cook it all the time, but she always made it.  It was her recipe.  We were both surprised when I actually liked this soup.  First, because I don't tend to like soup.  Second, because it has ground beef and is tomato based, and I don't love either of those things either.  But I really like it, and now that L. has moved to the UK for a while, I wrote her asking for the soup recipe.  When she sent it, I immediately set out to make it as soon as possible.  That was last on Wednesday.  And it was so tasty!