Friday, May 07, 2010

Lighten Up on Yourself

I am not Elizabeth Gilbert's biggest fan.  I don't dislike her, but I've got to tell you, her book "Eat, Pray, Love", the major bestseller, underwhelmed me.  I didn't really like it.  And I LOVE that sort of spiritual/personal memoir genre.  I read a ton of them every year.

I did really like the talk she gave on thinking creatively for TED.

I am enjoying (to some extent anyway) the audio book of her more recent memoir, "Committed".

But I really liked this article that I came across this morning, advising women everywhere that perhaps they can't be superwoman, and to maybe lighten up on themselves.


Anonymous said...

Did you read Holy Cow? I listened to Eat Pray Love (which everyone loved...and I also was majorly underwhelmed in my reaction to) and then Holy Cow almost back to back, and Holy Cow was far, far better, in my opinion...though along the same lines. You'd probably enjoy it, as well. And that was one I got from one of my various public library system options, so you may also be able to get it that way!

Lisa said...

I haven't read it. Do you know who the author is? I'll definitely have to look for it...

Funny that we had the same opinion on Eat Pray Love, too, when everyone seemed to love! :)

Anonymous said...

I listened to it and felt it was much more what I wished Eat Pray Love had been. Oh, and Antarctica on a Plate was fascinating, as well...although there were a few things I know you'd also cringe at as I did (another I listened to) (narrated by the author) (another good one!)