Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Smile List

Well, it's Friday again, and we all know that I like Fridays. However, sometimes they start out really great, and by the time I make it home in the evening, I'm starting to feel lonely, crabby and exhausted. So, I thought I'd start the process of gratitude and choosing joy nice and early today, and share a few things that are making me smile.
  • Jeans at work
  • a mug of passion tea, a leftover donut, and a tin of canned peaches for breakfast
  • sunshine outside my window
  • a great quote for the day (see my earlier post) on the calendar that was a gift from a friend
  • the memory of a greeting card I purchased recently. (I'm sure one of you will get it in the mail from me.) The front has a picture of some trees and a large grey "hill" and reads "Everyone should believe in something bigger than themselves." You open it and discover that the "hill" is a part of an elephant, and read "I believe in elephants." This is my rather twisted and deadpan sense of humor. When I saw this one, I had to purchase it.
  • the large raven that just flew by my window
  • the fact that I have an office window
  • hemp lip balm from the body shop
  • the audio book I'm currently listening to as I drive to and from work
  • a very cute and comfy hoody
  • the prospect of a long weekend
  • plans to do a bit of shopping after work, and then head home and engage in my favorite decadent pasttime by hanging out in a nice hot bubble bath with a mineral mask on my face, watching last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy on the internet
  • owning an ipod, which lets me listen to such a wide variety of things while I'm driving to and from work
  • a fun conversation this morning with a coworker
  • plans to go for a nice long drive and listen to a much more heavy audiobook tomorrow while enjoying the scenery of the mountains and foothills.
  • the fact that I was actually sort of hungry to eat breakfast this morning
  • the memory of a prayer a friend emailed to me the other night, where she asked God to arrange for me to get some hugs this week - I have gotten a few - a few really heartfelt ones, and one really awkward one, but I'll take them any way they come!

And with that, I'm off to start what promises to be a very full day!