Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Most Read Posts January 2011

The month of January was almost all about my one little word.  Here are this month's most read posts:

One Word: 2011 - the announcement of what my word for the year was going to be.

Two from Henri Nouwen on Baptism - some of the many tidbits of Henri Nouwen's wisdom that I've shared here through the years

One Word 2010 Meets One Word 2011 - on the intersection of my word from this year (heal) on my word from last year (story)

Feel Good - my fun new way to aid in both my one word and in self-care

Thirteen Days In - in which I report on how "heal" was not looking at all like I expected it to

Thursday in Rome - a story of day in Rome (duh!)

Lot's Wife - another one word post, and quite possibly the favorite post I've written in a very long time.

A Healing Story: 2011 Goals/Hopes/Dreams - the list of goals to go with my word for the year.

Not Easy - Grey's Anatomy and my one word, all rolled up into one little post!

Facebook Status Updates that Will Never Make It - a very old post, written in a fit of sarcasm, after a very bad day at work.  Always gets lots of google traffic.