Saturday, January 01, 2011

One Word: 2011

For years now I've been watching as Ali Edwards has blogged about choosing one word to shape her year.

Last year I also watched as Alece did something similar.

Last year I somewhat informally played along.  I quietly chose a word, and wrote a list of goals and plans for the coming year that were shaped by that word.

Honestly, I accomplished almost nothing on that list.

The word I chose last year was "story".  As in "I want to write a better story with my life."

And even though I managed to accomplish almost nothing on last year's list of dreams and goals and hopes because of all the (to quote Anne of Green Gables) "bends in the road" that life threw my way in 2010, I think I did actually take a lot of steps towards a better life story.

And I think story will be the word that will become the overarching theme for all of the years to come.

And so, this year I decided to play along a bit more formally.

(I even registered for this class online that Ali Edwards is teaching, to help me focus a bit more creatively on the word I've chosen over the next twelve months.)

I picked a word.  And then I changed my mind yesterday.  And then I changed it back this morning as I sat with colorful pens and my journal and prayed and made a list of hopes/goals/dreams for 2011.

(I'll share that list of hopes/goals/dreams a bit later today.)

My word for 2011?  (keeping in mind the overarching theme of writing a better story)


It's going to be fun to see where this one takes me!


Anonymous said...

"heal." it was as though i gasped when i read that. maybe because it's a timely word for me. or maybe because i know that healing is not without pain of its own.

but this much i know is true: the Healer wants to make us whole.

my heart feels eagerly excited to watch how He chooses to do that in your life this year.

Mary said...

Oh. I'm praying for you this year! Can't wait to see what God does in your life through Healing.

Anonymous said...

mmmm heal. that is a word that i need in my life too. praying that it will be a year full of the stages of healing and that you'll look back with wonder.

Lisa said...

Alece - so true. healing is not without pain of it's own. Thanks for the reminder that the Healer really does desire wholeness.

Mary - thanks for praying. prayers are always oh so much appreciated.

bahava - praying that you will also see healing and wonder as you tackle your own word of "trust". I know that learning to trust more deeply over the last year was actually profoundly healing for me, and I pray that is true for you as well.

Patricia said...

wow. your word has different facets.

visitng over from alece's blog link-love.

hoping you find healing and wholeness at the foot of the cross this 2011.

FYI: word verification: bowel LOL! thought it was funny.

Lisa said...

Patricia - the different facets are a huge part of what I love about the word for this year.

Thanks for visiting!

and the word verification is funny!