Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 138

The last daily 5 list for the year 2010.  A year that held some days that were truly fabulous, where lists flowed easily, and a year that held some completely horrible days, where finding five things that made me smile or that I was grateful for to put on a list was the hardest thing in the horrible day.

So, without further ado, today's daily 5:
  1. Getting in and out at the passport office in ten minutes (can't believe it went that quickly!  government stuff is never quick!)
  2. taking the train to a stop I'd never been to before (new adventures!)
  3. some sweet deals at a couple of craft stores
  4. A sunny day
  5. pondering (and completely changing!) what my "one word" for 2011 will be
  6. realizing that I wasn't forcing joy, but actually wanted to smile and felt joyful
  7. This quote from a facebook status that made me laugh and smile very wryly in recognition of the sentiment, "so and so has her wishbone where her backbone should be."
  8. a smoothie for breakfast
  9. getting a bunch of errands done with mom
  10. trading in some old, no longer wanted books, for credits at two different local used bookstores, and picking up a few new treasures along the way
  11. a great deal on Living Social today for yoga classes
  12. having reasons to laugh
  13. making soup from scratch
  14. banana cream pie
  15. a totally relaxing evening to end the year that included pie, passion tea, Top Chef, Grey's Anatomy, and reading a novel in a bubble bath.