Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 169

Today's Daily 5:
(an introduction to the Daily 5 can be found by clicking the link in the sidebar on the left)
  1. The bus shelter this morning that not only got me out of the brutally cold wind, but aided in warming me by the effect of magnifying the meager heat of the sun through the plexiglass onto my black touque.  It was actually quite pleasant, and I was so thankful for the shelter from the wind.
  2. Wearing cute earrings made by a friend.
  3. Russian salad dressing... mmm... so good
  4. Brilliantly blue skies
  5. cute mittens
  6. wearing my "Audrey Hepburn" makes me feel classically elegant winter coat
  7. getting a book order from Amazon that I'd been expecting
  8. thinking I'd permanently lost one of the aforementioned cute earrings because it had fallen out of my ear, and then finding it in a very unexpected location
  9. finally getting some prints that have been around forever in the frames I bought for them, and on display
  10. reading until I began to drift to sleep in the sun on the bus this afternoon (don't worry, didn't fall asleep, but it was nice to read something just for fun, to that state of relaxation after classes)