Sunday, January 02, 2011

Most Read Posts December 2010

It would seem December was almost exclusively about the Reverb 10 posts here on my blog.  At the very least, those were the posts that attracted the most attention.

Here's a recap of the 10 most read posts of December 2010:

1. Reverb 10: Day 3 - Most Alive.  In this one I recounted the moment in which I felt most alive.  I talked about the translation of an online friendship to real life.  This post had nearly triple the number of reads of anything else on my blog in December.

2.  Reverb 10: Day 11 - 11 Things I Can Live Without.  This is perhaps one of my favorite of the reverb10 prompts that I answered over the course of the month.  As I sat down to formulate some of my goals for 2011, I looked back at what I'd written.  This post was also one of the hardest to write.  When I started writing, I was very convinced I'd never make it to 11 items.  But somehow, as I sat and stared at the screen and pondered, I came up with a list that really does reflect me, and makes me smile.

3.  Reverb 10: Day 12 - Body Integration?  I don't feel like I live separately body and mind/spirit.  Most of the time I think I'm pretty integrated.  I'm not sure if this is a novel concept, or if the keywords just caught people's attention to make this the third most read post of the month!

4.  Reverb 10: Day 5 - Let Go.  A year of deconstruction, and how I suck at being all zen.

5.  Reverb 10: Day 8 - Beautifully Different.  The one in which I felt like my answer was a cop out, but I really didn't have an answer either.

6.  Bus Reading.  Definitely one of my favorite posts from the last while.  Partly because bus reading is one of my favorite ways to rest and pray and think and be restored.  And partly because it seems like such a random idea - to ride a bus in a circuit, with no destination, but simply the goal to read and pray.  And a random idea like that definitely needs a guide -  a guide which I had great fun writing.

7.  Reverb 10: Day 26 - Soul Food.  Some of my favorite meals of 2010.  And how could a post that talks about Mizithra from Old Spaghetti Factory go wrong?

8.  Reverb 10: Day 24 - Everything's OK.  One of the shortest posts I wrote for reverb10.  Everything may not be okay, but I will be.

9.  Reverb 10: Day 19 - Healing.  A post centered around one of my favorite topics, healing.  For me, healing came in very unexpected places and forms in 2010, and I'm curious to see how that carries forward into 2011.

10.  Reverb 10: Day 23 - A New Name.  Not choosing a new name, but the realization that I've finally made peace with the name that I have.