Sunday, January 02, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 140

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 1 year, 140 days of making these lists
  2. Breakfast in bed (even if I did have to get out of bed to make it for myself)
  3. A text message announcing that very dear friends of mine welcomed a daughter to their family in the early hours of this morning (and later in the day, the bonus of being friends with the proud new auntie of the baby as well, meaning I got to see a picture of the new little beauty)
  4. smiling at the way a t-shirt that has had some painful memories attached to it in the past just made me grin when I wore it today, because it reflects a part of myself that I love
  5. A grande caramel apple spice and an apple fritter at starbucks today
  6. spending the afternoon hanging with a friend, doing a bit of clean-up at her place and chatting (really random tasks like having to clean up the Christmas tree because it had toppled over in the 24 hours since she'd last been home can make for some of the best times, laughing over the task that needs to be done, and chatting while accomplishing it)
  7. watching church online tonight while I did some reading and surfing
  8. one last night of retreat at mom and dad's before returning to my crazy living situation tomorrow night
  9. leftover Chinese takeout for supper
  10. reading a few new blogs as I surfed around some of the one word posts tonight