Thursday, March 04, 2010

Odd Morning

I'm in odd spaces again this morning.

Weird intercessor space as L and I refer to it.

Thinking about the goodbye I said last night.  The friend I'll miss deeply.  How my current living situation is underscoring just how deeply I'll miss her.

I'm sipping pomegranate green tea (by Yogi).  Because Starbucks recently switched to whole leaf tea, and the new version of my long-time favorite, Passion Tea, just doesn't taste very good anymore.  It costs more, it's weaker and more bitter in taste.  I have several boxes of the old version left.  I stocked up when I heard it might be changing.  But I'm also looking for a replacement for the day that will come, when there's just none of my passion tea left.  So far, I think this pomegrante green tea will work.  And hey, pomegranates and green tea are both supposed to be really good for you, right?

I'm thinking about a very dear friend, facing some hard spaces right now, and praying.

The sermon I listened to on the bus this morning stirred those prayers even more.

I'm thinking about the school at the church that presented the sermon I was listening to.  And wondering if someday, perhaps, I'll spend a year or two there, learning and living this faith thing differently all over again.

I'm dreaming a bit of travel.

I'm trying to set aside a difficult email that a colleague and I received.  Someone who is not our boss sent us instructions on how to do our job.  I'll set it aside.  It's happened before, and certain to happen again.

Thinking about boundaries too.  How do you set boundaries with someone who is 50 years your senior, a family member, and the owner of the house you're living in?  I'm pretty sure Grandma is exploring my room when I'm not there, and that bothers me quite a bit.  So I'm waiting and watching, and trying to figure that one out too.

I'm in odd spaces this morning, and somehow learning and working to be okay with them.