Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 203

Today's Daily 5:
  1. An evening spent with L.  The sort of good friend who you can slip into easy conversation with, because you know all the people in each other's lives, and you've lived with each other for the last couple of years.  The kind of friend who could hear my stories about the first few days of life with Grandma and laugh knowingly both with me, and at my expense.
  2. A goodbye hug.  This one was hard.  but good.
  3. Watched a goofy movie, and ate popcorn.  Used up the Christmas gift from our former landlord in style, and laughed a lot.
  4. Had the auditors in my office today.  Not generally a great thing, but hey, this year they're not much older than me, really attractive, and one of the two has a great British accent.  If you're going to have an annual audit, it's not so bad if the auditors are young, hot, polite, and one has a great accent to boot.
  5. Wednesday is over.  Not too much of the work week left.