Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Everything. And the Bathroom Door.

The auditors are at the office this week.  Asking for paperwork, working quietly through loads of numbers.  I had my first visit from them this morning, requesting information from employee files and payroll files.

Last night at Grandma's went a tiny bit more smoothly.  She only came downstairs once.  She didn't get up to chatter at me every time I slipped upstairs.  It gave me just a little bit of hope that this will somehow work out.  That we'll find some sort of happy medium.

In the quiet that she left me to, I sorted and unpacked.  I think the unpacking will actually go quite quickly this time, because many of the boxes that remain will not need to be unpacked.  My books and dvd's are on shelves, most of the furniture that will go in my bedroom/living room area is now there.  What remains, I think, will be to sort the leftover piles into two - things that stay packed, and things that need to be given a home.  And then comes the decision making process of where to house the things that need a home.

Best of all, I got a text message yesterday afternoon from my brother J.  It read something to the effect of: "I put up a bathroom door for you, and even rigged up a latch."  That news made my day.  The little toilet and sink in the basement have their own room, but it's a room inside of the laundry room, and next to Grandma's large freezer.  Anytime I used it during the day, I did so with the fear that my grandma would make one of her many appearances, looking for me, while I was sitting on the throne.  Now, at least I don't have to worry about that!

And with that, I'm off to do paperwork.  There's lots to be tackled today.