Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kiwi Vocabulary - The Answers

Only one of you out there jumped on board with your guesses about the Kiwi vocabulary I listed.  And you were actually pretty accurate with some of your guesses.

So, here are the words I listed, and their meanings/usages:

Flash - something very nice.  As in "That's a flash house."

Togs - your swim suit

Jandals - flip-flops - an abbreviated version of Japanese Sandals.

Plasters - band-aids

Busting - used in reference to an urgent personal need.  As in "I drank too much water and I'm busting!"

Boot - the trunk of your car

Mince - ground beef

Capsicum - a pepper, doesn't really matter the color.  just say capsicum in the place of pepper, and tack the color on the front.

There you have it!  A less than exhaustive list of words I no longer have a use for, now that I'm living with Grandma instead of Kiwis.