Thursday, March 04, 2010

Melancholy Day

This has definitely been the sort of distractable "weird intercessor space" kind of day.

Susan wrote this on her blog this morning, "Strangely, I can be "not okay" and grateful at the same time."  I know how that feels.  Today especially.

A bit of melancholy as I ponder having said another goodbye.  (I know it was inevitable this time, since she was never from here, but what is it with friends of mine being so very far away?)

A bit of fear as I work through some things in regards to my living situation at present.  And as I wonder about boundaries, and how they apply when the person you're trying to set them with is past the age of 80.

A bit of anticipation as I look forward to joining new friends for house church tonight, and one new friend for dinner or coffee beforehand, since she generously offered me a ride.

A bit of sadness and longing as I consider and pray for the concerns of some that are very dear to my heart.  As I long to see healing and rest and restoration brough to fruition in their lives and mine.

And yet, I'm grateful too.