Monday, February 01, 2010


So, I'm about half-way through the work day.

I'm wishing I had one of those funny, squishy, horse-shoe shaped pillows that you stick around your neck.

I'm also wishing that I'd brought the makeshift sling that I used last week to work with me again today.

But, I've gotten a few things done.

I can tell that my body and my emotions are not recovered yet.  My body hurts, and everything right now makes me want to cry.  It's partly exhaustion, and partly the accident.


Lunch hour comes soon.

And then a few more hours of work.

And then I get to go home.

When I get there, I'll make dinner, wash a few dishes, and then I'm pretty much planning on crawling straight into bed.  This may just have to be my grace week in terms of moving preparations.  Next week I'll get busy, but I think this week may just be one where I need to take it a bit easy.  And that's okay too.  Because the idea really is that I care for myself properly.  I'm trying to make that a priority these days, because it's not something I've always been good at.  But it is something I'm committed to being better at.  So I'll rest in bed after the few necessary tasks are done.