Sunday, January 17, 2010


I had really good intentions of making today productive.

But, it seems upon waking and doing a couple quick and necessary errands, that it's likely going to be a day to just recover.

This last week took a toll on me.

I wasn't necessarily wise in managing my time commitments, and was out nearly every night of the week.

My body can't do that yet.

I'm so grateful for the chances I had to be with friends.  They were life-giving, each in their own ways.

But I said yes to too many things.  I knew it was a risk, and I decided to take it.

It angers me in moments like these that my health is still not where I want it to be.  That I function like a funny old lady, needing to stay at home more often than not.

I try to remind myself that six months ago even being committed one night a week was too much.  Now I can manage house church and one other social thing on a weeknight.  It's progress.  It just doesn't always feel like enough progress.

So, today will likely be for reflecting, praying, and hopefully resting.

A little bit of yoga if my shoulder is up to it (still pretty sore from falling down that flight of stairs).

And grocery shopping later, simply so that I can have a free evening in this coming week.

And maybe some cleaning and reordering of things.  Because sometimes that is the best way I know how to pray.