Thursday, January 21, 2010

Foggy, with signs of hope

Usually I can see downtown and the mountains from my office window.  Today all I can see is thick white fog.  It descended last night, and remains this morning.

I woke, though, oddly hopeful and prayerful this morning, perhaps a remnant from last night's benefit concert.

I was grateful, too, to realize that I'd mostly slept between somewhere a little after midnight when I fell into bed after arriving home later, and 6 or so this morning.  Sleep has been an immense rarity this week, and it is nice to wake, even after a short night, somewhat rested.

And really, I was so encouraged to see the body of Christ in action last night.  About 2000 people were in attendance at the benefit concert.  Together, we donated $115,000.  Which the government of Canada will match.  How impressive is that?  I was so incredibly moved to hear that number, not because of the money, but because of the hearts it represents.  2000 or so people who have chosen not to look away, who have chosen to give because they believe that Jesus loves Haiti, and that as his body, we need to love Haiti too.  Wow.  I've been encouraged all week as I've followed blogs and a few facebook groups, and have seen people step up, but for me, there was something special in seeing that united effort - people from across the city's churches coming together to bless the broken.

I'm storing that feeling within me - that incredible hope and unity.  Unity has been something that has been central to much brokenness that I've experienced, and for me it was incredibly restorative to see it exist, instead of being shredded, so I'm choosing to hold that within me.

It may still be a foggy journey, but there are signs of hope.