Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 161

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Thankful, actually, to have made it through the day.  It was definitely one of those "push through, hard slogging" kind of days, and I'm really thankful to be at the end of it and in okay (if exhausted) shape.
  2. Safe driving home tonight in the fog - I came out from the event I was attending to discover super thick pea soup like fog blanketing the entire city.  I had to drive a friend home in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and was quite grateful for safe driving.  Things like thick fog are really challenging for me as they make it a whole lot harder to compensate for my limited depth perception.
  3. A smooth exchange process for the two water bottles I purchased yesterday, both of which turned out to have flaws.  I have one new one, and a refund for the second, since they only had one more in stock.
  4. Some interesting thoughts and conversations about my living situation, a potential new living situation, and another potentially financially wise opportunity.
  5. Haiti Benefit Concert tonight.  If you're my facebook friend, and live in or near Calgary, you likely heard about this from me.  For me, it was sort of a gift to let Haiti, which has so underlied my thoughts all week, simply be my focus for the evening.  To listen to some stories from a Calgarian team from Compassion Canada that landed only an hour before the quake, and from a Haitian woman living in Calgary.  To let the songs flow over me and lift my prayers.  To let Haiti be at the forefront tonight, instead of the "one more thing" underlying everything else going on in my life.  And Calgary - you showed up!  Way to pack that church out, and way to give.  $115,000 was raised tonight for the work of Samaritan's Purse in Haiti, and those funds will be matched by the Canadian governement!  $230,000 dollars!  That number made my night.  Well, to be honest, it made my night to simply be in a room with people who cared, but I was so impressed at how much the church stepped up.  It gave me such a great deal of hope in the church and humanity that I don't always have, and that has left me deeply impacted tonight.  So thankful, too, for the artists like Steve Bell and Carolyn Arends that flew in, and all the others that donated their time to pull this event off so well on such short notice.  It was a beautiful evening.