Thursday, January 21, 2010

A few more links

Steve Bell wrote another very good post on Haiti, and included some simple, creative ways to help.

Anne Jackson (I know, I've been linking to her a lot lately, but I've been really appreciating her posts) wrote a post about forgiveness and reconciliation.  Those are topics I've thought a lot about due to some pretty intense relational hurdles that have come up in a whole variety of areas of my life the last two years.  They're issues that I've spent hours prayerfully considering, that I've shed tears over, that I've had a myriad of conversations about, and that I still often feel like I'll never have a handle on.  I've learned a lot about forgiveness, and I appreciated Anne's comments about it being unilateral.  I've also come to believe that even when it seems the most crazy thing imaginable, my heart still longs for reconciliation.  I think it's a God-longing.  Jesus prayed for unity in his body on earth just before going to the cross, and somehow, I feel like that longing is one that's been embedded in my heart as well.  In the way that Ecclesiastes says that Eternity has been put in the hearts of men.