Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 84

A while ago now, I wrote an introduction to the daily 5. I'm feeling these days like I need to work even a little bit harder to find things in my day to really be grateful for, to really find joy in, and so you can expect the daily 5 to be more like a daily 10 on a semi-regular basis for a while. But just consider the extras bonus items, because, well, I like the name daily 5, and am feeling slightly phobic about committing to a daily 10!

So, today's daily "5":
  1. A quiet evening, with candles lit all around my bedroom
  2. Managing three days in a row of yoga without my body protesting too loudly (one more day for this week to do)
  3. Having unexpected time to finish reading a book that I'd been hoping to finish this week, and being profoundly moved and challenged by the book as I finished reading it.
  4. Feeling the stirring of my heart, and being able to write about some of that
  5. Tiny little steps towards forgiveness and release, or at least giving voice to the fact that I want those things, even on a day when I also made bad decisions that moved me in the opposite direction from them as well.
  6. Re-listening to the sermon by Mahesh Chavda that I linked to in yesterday's daily 5
  7. Laughing with co-workers and celebrating with one over the purchase of a new vehicle for her family
  8. A coworker voluntarily taking answering the phones off my hands (our receptionist is out sick) so that I could accomplish some things that needed to be done
  9. Feeling grateful, after writing this morning about the struggle to balance rest and the need for some lifestyle changes to improve my health, that this was an evening where I was unexpectedly freed to simply rest when plans to connect with a friend didn't happen
  10. Having a night off from being in charge of cooking dinner, and still getting to eat a great meal of frittata prepared by my roommate.