Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Yoga done for another night.

And the post yoga shower.

And the post shower dinner. (Which I was very grateful to not have to cook.)

I'm hoping to connect with a good friend on skype tonight and have some time to catch up with each other.

If not, well, I guess I'll be glad for an evening to myself, a quiet evening to myself.

I'm still pondering the experience I had last night. It is in some ways very clear, and in some ways very hazy. Clearly there are steps that need to be made, but how or what they are, I'm just not sure yet.

Tomorrow will be full.

Work has been a bit unique this week. We have quite a few people out with varying strains of flu (including H1N1). Some of the office politics tensions are running high. And we have major deadlines to meet. I'll be assembling 250 training manuals for most of tomorrow, with several other people.

I'm having a lunch meeting with someone I've never met as well. A discussion about steps moving forward. About life and church. Kind of nervous about that actually. While God seems to be making it clear that it's time to be connected to a body of believers again, the relational challenges of the last few years have definitely left me hesitant to risk my heart again. So, we'll see how tomorrow's discussion goes, and slowly take it from there.

And then tomorrow night our former roommate is joining us for dinner and a chance to catch up. I've hardly seen her since her wedding in the summer, so it'll be fun to connect.

But all those things will make for a very full day - a fact somewhat intimidating for someone who is struggling to balance a very definite need for rest.

So, I'll take it as it comes. And I'll pray for sleep or at least deep rest tonight.