Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 2

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Here are today's five moments of laughter, joy, smiling, success etc. The moments I'm celebrating and finding life in today:
  1. A friend of mine had the following as her facebook status this morning, loosely paraphrased by me, "My daughter peed on the kitchen floor. She was trying to be a good girl and clean it up. Unfortunately, she used a broom." I laughed off and on all day as I pictured her rather precocious, curious daughter (who must be around 3 or so now) trying to fix her mistake and be "good" by helping to clean up the mess she'd made, but going about it in a less than helpful way!
  2. Peanut M&M's are high on my list of things that satisfied and brought smiles today
  3. A glass of red wine from a bottle left for me by a dear friend
  4. A realization that certain things I've been struggling with don't have to make me a victim - that I have a certain degree of choice in that.
  5. Finding a book that I am really enjoying reading, and feeling inspired to learn again, even if it was something as little as looking up the definition of protean (see my post earlier today) and reveling in the knowledge of a new word, rolling it around within me and letting the joy that came from a bit of a revival of a love of learning (I haven't felt that in a while) roll around inside me for a bit.
And, with that list of five, I'm off to finish up a few emails, and then curl up in bed with my journal and book, and then hopefully sleep deeply and well tonight.
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