Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holy Cannoli

My current favorite exclamation when feeling slightly overwhelmed is "holy cannoli!" I don't know where it came from, but I find myself using it rather frequently these days.

I'm having a "holy cannoli" kind of day today. A bit shocked at the variety in the day. From moments of completely deadness, with nothing on my plate, to moments where the amount of things on my list seem to be overflowing.

In other news, I was reading over lunch since our server was down and I couldn't give my brain a rest by playing a game online. In the book I'm reading, I came across a word I was familiar with, but couldn't define, even given the context in which it was used. The word was "protean" and the definition can be found here, but it essentially means that something is flexible or changeable. (I hear some of you who know me well, jumping at the joke to be made here, the one that says no wonder that I didn't know the word, it would certainly never be applied to me!) Having read the defintion, the word makes total sense in the context in which it was used.

I'm noticing, already, a difference in me, by making the commitment I wrote about yesterday to show up here with a daily list of five things that in some way brought joy. I'm more aware of the little moments in the day that I'm laughing, of the things that truly made my insides smile. I'm more aware of the things I'm thankful for, because I'm focusing on them, jotting them down, so I can choose the best of them to make my list for the day later tonight.

One of those things that made me chuckle was a facebook status update from a friend (actually two different status updates have made me laugh today, but one is a serious contender for my list tonight, so I'll leave it for now). His status read: So and So used to have a handle on life, but it broke. And oh how I chuckled in knowingness.

And with that, holy cannoli! I've got things that must get done by the end of the afternoon, and I'm off to tackle the list!