Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tired of moving?

Are you tired of hearing about my move yet? I'm getting tired of the unpacking thing, and there's a long way to go still...

My mom came over for a bit this afternoon, to help me go through some things and do a bit of unpacking. Two thirds of my books are now on shelves, and I pared the selection down just a little bit more. Once I buy a bed frame (hopefully early next week) I'll be able to really make progress on the sorting and unpacking.

In the meantime, I've declared tomorrow to be a day off from all things unpacking (at least that's the plan). I need to paint both my fingernails and toenails for the wedding I'm attending on Saturday. Since I have plans for Friday evening to have dinner and see a movie with a friend, that makes tomorrow the night for all things pampering for Saturday related.

I'm still struggling with a few health issues. And my energy levels remain quite low. I'll be glad for a bit of down time.

I've been quite lonely this week too. Missing some of the people I care about deeply. And missing having meaningful contact with the people who know my heart well.

Trying to rest, wait, watch, and pray. Longing for freedom to ever increase.