Wednesday, July 01, 2009

From my own house...

So, I'm still incredibly frustrated with Telus, (long story...) but I do finally have internet access and telephone access in my own house. That, at least, I'm thankful for.

There are a number of things in life that are feeling quite uncertain right now. Things that are frustrating me a bit. I'm feeling a bit the pull towards silence. To simply internalize everything within me, to contain it, and ponder it, and (hopefully) not be consumed by it. To keep it close within me until it settles.

Today will be full, but also hopefully slow and a little bit restful. We have much unpacking to do, but it was wonderful to get up this morning and realize that we'd accomplished the unpacking of our kitchen last night. To walk in there and know that it was finished, and that there was one room in our house that was settled.

We're off, in a little while, to the mall. To pick up a few things we couldn't get last night. A few other things I need. And a wedding gift for the weekend. Oh, and I need to get gas for George today, too (because it's cheaper on Wednesdays.)

And, it's Canada Day! Happy Birthday Canada!