Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too Early Again...

I'm awake too early a few mornings in a row.

This morning, though, I'm crabby about it.

My roommates are generally considerate people, but they are incapable of coming home and getting ready for bed, or getting ready to go out in the morning at anything but top volume. And our house has hardwood floors, which magnifies the noise.

None of these would be problems if I was better at sleeping.

And they wouldn't be a problem today, if they hadn't loudly arrived home from a pre-wedding celebration for the one at 2 am.

And then loudly began banging around in our kitchen again only 5 hours later to prepare for a hike they're headed out on.

I was awake for quite a length of time at 2 am due to their preparations for bed and my inability to fall quickly to sleep.

And unfortunately, they were loud enough this morning that it became clear that making it back to sleep wasn't going to happen.

So, I'm ensconced again in the living room (the internet isn't working in my bedroom), checking a few emails and blogs, and planning to journal for a while. (And wishing we had a comfortable couch.)