Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Hair

I spent two and a half hours getting my hair done this afternoon. Not the best picture ever, but it'll do. It'll only be straight for a couple of days, since I've never mastered the art (or necessary coordination) of using a straightener myself.

I love my hair stylist. I've been seeing her for quite a few years now, and she always does a fantastic job. More importantly, I can have a totally general idea of what I want done, and she'll run with it and leave me feeling beautiful.

I showed up today and simply said that I wanted the red and blond highlights back for the summer. She, as usual, had a better idea, picked out three colors (including the red and blond, and another coppery blond) and two and a half hours later I had beautiful hair again.


christianne said...

Just found this old post of yours -- totally love the hair! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Christianne! It's rare that it's ever straight, but does look fun when it is! :)