Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, mid-afternoon

I made it to the part of the day where I'm almost ready to move around.

And then I moved around.

And discovered that the hike I did yesterday was quite a bit harder on my body than I thought. Let's just say that walking is a bit of a challenge today.

I spent the morning doing a bit of laundry and cleaning, but mostly just sitting and writing.

I was part of a conversation at the office the other day that unexpectedly left parts of me feeling quite shaken. Even I was surprised at the things that poured out of my pen as I sat with my journal.

I told a friend this morning that "when it rains, it pours." It seems like so many unexpected parts of my heart are suddenly at the forefront again. And I've got to tell you, that while I'm glad to be wading through some of this, it hasn't been any "walk in the park". And, every once in the while, when the processing is so thick and intense, I just get sick of myself and the things I'm walking through. I wish for healing to have come fully.

So, today, today I'm thankful for roommates off hiking, and a quiet house.

And I'm thankful that on a day when I badly need a brainless break and some pampering, I have a hair appointment (made through a fluke cancellation) for a couple of hours of pampering, and cutting and coloring this afternoon.

And then, later tonight, I get to collect hugs from my parents. I'll pick them up at the airport, arriving home from their trip to West Africa. I'm looking forward to those hugs. For as much as there are oh so many challenges in my relationship with my parents, after the few weeks I've had, I'll be enormously happy to collect hugs from people who love me deeply.