Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amidst it

It's been a long time since I've gone two days without posting anything other than the Daily 5 here.  A long time.

I've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks, juggling the new job, school, and personal and church commitments, and it's taken it's toll.  I'm feeling drained, and struggling, if I'm honest, to simply make it from day to day.

Those of you who have been reading here for years know that I have a love/hate relationship with dreaming.

For years, before being healed from depression, I struggled with incredibly intense nightmares.

In my head, healing meant that all dreams would go away, and I would sleep.

God had other plans.  In the nearly six years since that time, I've had a huge variety of dreams.  The kind that are clearly from God.  The kind that are an intense playing out and processing of the things going on under the surface in my life.  And I still have nightmares from time to time - dark, terrifiying, generally spiritual things.

I've gone through seasons of being at peace with the fact that dreams are a way I process, and a way that God speaks to me.  And I've gone through seasons of hating both of those realities.

For the last three weeks or so, as I've been so busy, my already more limited time for sleep has been filled with dreams.  Mostly the processing sort, a few nightmares.  For me, that means that I have woken, nearly every single morning, from a dream.  (The dreams I remember when I wake come almost without exception in the hours just before I rouse for the day, and I almost exclusively wake directly from them, into the space of needing to sort out the dream from reality.)

I'm exhausted.  There have been a lot of interesting realities in my life the last month.  The juggling of commitments.  The work of healing - that one word that is mine for this year. 

And some realities of the supernatural or spiritual world that I don't tend to talk about a lot here, because they don't tend to fit into the safe and normal and rational world.   Those realities have been intense lately, too.

And so, amidst all this, I'm struggling.  And staring at two weeks with final exams, and the continuation of other commitments.

I'm asking questions about coping methods, and watching as the ones that have worked well for me seem to be falling apart, at least temporarily, and searching for new ones.

And amidst this, this juggling it will quite possibly be quieter here.  There may only be the Daily 5.  It feels weird to say that the quiet is needed, and honestly, every time I give myself permission to be quiet, it was really the permission, the release of pressure that I needed, and there is suddenly a plethora of things to write about.  So, who knows?  But for now, I'm giving myself the permission to be quieter, and giving you who have so faithfully read here, an explanation of sorts for the potential that there may be quiet.

I'd appreciate your prayers as I make some decisions, seek counsel, and figure out ways to cope and be healthy.  I so appreciate all of the connections I've made through this space over the years - each of the unique friends that are a part of my life.  Thanks for reading, thanks for praying, thanks for sticking it out here through the quiet spaces as well as the ones full of words.


christianne said...

Father God,

Thank you for the gift of Lisa. Thank you for the life you have placed inside of her, the divine spark that is your image and imprint in her. Thank you for making her wholly unique and wholly loved.

In this time of pressure, when there is more to do than time to do it, I ask for your grace to rain down upon her. Place your presence and shield about her this week and next, especially, as she pushes through a very intense time of exams and work and other commitments that are very important to her.

Also, for her dreams, I thank you for the ways you actively speak to her in these dreams, how you use them to teach her more about herself and her life with you. I thank you that you've given her the insight to this truth. And I pray for your protection over her subconscious work in these dreams, that these dreams would be a place where you break through and allow her to find you more. Keep the demons at bay, God, if they encroach upon her. Bring her peace and rest in you.


Lisa said...

mmm... thanks sweet friend...

Jenny said...

Shalom. One day (five minutes even) at a time, you will get through. Hope you find peace amidst the storms of a busy life.
Will be praying for you.

Jenny x

Lisa said...

thanks Jenny.