Friday, March 25, 2011

Cuddling a Baby

My dear friends A and B welcomed their daughter (Baby N) to the world early in January, and yesterday I finally managed to spend some time with A and get to meet N.

She's adorable!  She has her momma's latina head of lots of dark hair, and olive complexion, and her daddy's blue eyes, which make for a surprising and striking combination.  I think this little one is going to be a knock-out when she gets older!

A and I spent several hours visiting, catching up and chatting about how the last time I saw her, mommy-hood hadn't arrived and now, now she's a mommy!  We talked about everything and anything, and interspersed it with cuddling N, and cooking (A is Colombian and taught me how to make a sort of corn cake called arepas that's a traditional Colombian dish).

So, this is me, cuddling N.


Jenny said...

Lovely pictures! Hurrah for a happy, healthy baby!