Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 221

Today's Daily 5:
  1. The comfort of my own pillow.  I sleep in a fabulously comfortable bed the nights I stay at mom and dad's, but there is just something so great about having your own pillow.
  2. A new system with the university library catalogue where you can hit a button and have the call number for the book you need texted to your phone.  You can even include which floor of the library it is that you'll have to hunt on to find that call number (essential since the building has 9 floors.)
  3. A cancelled class in the midst of a very full day.  The second day in a row where I've had about an hour or so of much needed, very unexpected breathing space
  4. the satisfaction of marking even just a few very small things off of lists
  5. I hate the cold, but we had a hoar frost overnight that turned trees and bushes and chainlink fences into beautiful white lacy things.
  6. those moments when tears are cathartic instead of just painful
  7. a steak sandwich
  8. spending the evening with my friend J, from high school.
  9. laughing as we read goofy quotes outloud to each other from these fabulous journals we discovered in Chapters tonight
  10. a funny and timely fortune in a fortune cookie.


Merissa said...

thanks :)

I heart the hoar frost too.