Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning, Full Speed Ahead

I'm still in bed, but I just swallowed the handful of my morning vitamins, and I'm munching on a banana while sitting in the blue glow of the light from my SAD lamp.

In 40 minutes a friend will arrive to pick me up.  30 minutes after that, the 90 minute yoga class we're taking together will begin.  And when that's over, I'll come home, clean up and change clothes and head to the university library to pick up a book that I wasn't expecting to arrive, but am glad for, since it will help immensely with the paper I need to write this weekend.  After the university trip, I will be burying myself in research on diagnostic testing and labels for people with disabilities.  The pros and cons.  Are they helpful or harmful? What are the implications (practically and ethically) for working with people with disabilities?  I'll be compiling all of this research into an 8-10 page paper, figuring out APA style citation which I haven't used in probably a decade (why, oh why, must every discipline have their own style of citation???), and hopefully managing to accomplish the vast majority of this paper by the end of the night tonight, since tomorrow also holds a few commitments on my time, and I'd really like to protect my few hours of Sunday morning sanity and alone time from being infringed upon by term paper writing.

To be honest, I botched my schedule and created this rush of paper writing frenzy.  I knew about the project that was due yesterday, but forgot to look past the Friday to realize that there was a paper due Monday as well.  I built my schedule for the last week around the Friday project and the week was half-way over when I realized there was also the Monday paper.  And so, I'm scrambling, just a little.

Moments like that make me thankful that papers have always been easy for me.  Writing comes fairly naturally, and, while I'm worried about this paper the most of all the papers I have to write this term, because it is on the topic I have the least familiarity with, I am not overly worried.  There will be a paper by the time it needs to be handed in on Monday.  Really, there will be a paper by Sunday night, since it needs to be printed before I go to school early on Monday morning.

So.  It's Saturday morning, and today will be one of those full speed ahead kinds of days.