Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 220

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 1 year, 220 days of making these lists - I'm getting close to the two year mark, y'all! (also, I do very occasionally say "y'all".  and yesterday I said a word and the friend I was with cracked up and told me I sounded like an American!  Good thing I have that dual citizenship to make it legit for me to sound that way!)
  2. Being the first to dip into a new jar of peanut butter, ruining that perfect smooth finish with a big knife full of yummy goodness
  3. A postponement that gave me a bit of much needed time to breathe this morning
  4. moments of quiet thought
  5. google reader on my iphone
  6. Arepas - a traditional Colombian dish that a friend taught me to make today.  
  7. Cuddling a three month old baby (pictures coming tomorrow!)
  8. a great, wide-ranging conversation with a very dear friend - probably the only friend who I can have that sort of conversation with who lives locally.
  9. we ended up having a laid back night at house church too, just hanging out because only a couple people showed up, and calling it a night early.  That was so great for me too.
  10. I finished up one of my term projects and it feels great!  It's ready for submission tomorrow morning, and I'm gearing up for the next one that is due on Monday.


Jenny said...

SO productive - as usual! You seem to have settled into uni life again really well. I'm impressed by your work rate!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and congrats on the 1 year 220 day mark!



PS be assured Spring is coming, because Autumn is here - it's COLD! I wore a big thick Aran cardigan today with a woollen scarf and jeans. Cold!

Lisa said...


Thanks Jenny! Hope your weekend is great too!