Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Praying through nations

On the weekend I wrote this post.

Three days in, I'm appreciating the exercise in pausing for a few minutes a day to read about a nation and watch the prayer video that's provided.

So far I've prayed for Afghanistan, Austria, and Bosnia.  And I've learned a little something about each.

It's helpful to me, right now, when I'm dreaming of traveling to the nations, to feed that hunger a little by stopping for five minutes or so a day to pray.  It encourages the dreaming, and makes me pause to stop and think about those places, to take notice of them in the news.  To think about people I know with connections there.  (For example, I'm listening to a fascinating audiobook right now about Afghanistan, and a long time friend did mission work many years ago in both Austria and Bosnia.)

And so, I pause, and pray.  Especially when I can attach a face and a ministry.  I pray for those connections, that they will grow.  And I dream of perhaps walking in those places one day.