Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 102

Today's Daily 5 (the American Thanksgiving Edition!):
  1. Having a Chinook (terrible for headaches, but great for weather in the winter.  35 C change in temperature overnight)
  2. Not having to wear multiple layers of clothing over my entire body to be outside
  3. Having the strength to get out of bed on the hard mornings
  4. my iphone
  5. Cute and cozy boots
  6. wearing jeans at work
  7. an encouraging conversation with sympathetic friends yesterday
  8. "First, he loves me, second, he loves me, third, he loves me..."
  9. A job I'm really enjoying, that, to top it off, is indoors (can't imagine having outdoor work in the winter here)
  10. A roof over my head at night, however dubious my ridiculous living situation
  11. sweet friends who offer love and care and prayers
  12. coworkers I enjoy
  13. email - what a blessing to be able to instantly keep in touch with friends so very far away
  14. Skype - ditto to email, but with voices and sometimes even video!
  15. a smooth move of offices to the building across the street today
  16. having lunch provided today
  17. chocolate
  18. wise counsel from trusted friends and family
  19. an inspiring conversation this afternoon about living out God's calling on our lives with one of the volunteers who works with the agency I'm working for this month
  20. ease of access to necessary services like banking and medical care
  21. speaking the dominant language of the society in which I live fluently.  I spend all day right now talking on the phone with immigrants who are struggling with English, and I think it's such a blessing to be able to freely communicate
  22. being in full possession of my mental faculties (again, some of the people I encounter at work these days, not so much, and I feel for them)
  23. starbucks caramel apple spice and cranberry bliss bar (those bars are TASTY)
  24. Subway for supper
  25. a smaller group at house church that made for really good, honest discussion,
  26. shifting dynamics at house church that remind me that God is moving amongst us
  27. closing the evening by simply sharing honestly and praying a bit for each other
  28. the promise of a weekend retreating a bit, staying at mom and dad's for a break
  29. a new glass water bottle, with a silicone sleeve, to help prevent breakage
  30. finishing up an audio book (Kabul Beauty School) that was a fascinating "read" (gotta love unabridged, well read audio books)


christianne said...

Hello, my friend! I'm up early this morning and have had a chance to catch up on a string of blog posts, many of which were yours. I feel caught up now on the world of Lisa. :)

So glad to hear you're enjoying the blessings of your temporary position. It sounds like it's giving you much to reflect upon and be thankful for. I love that you get to make the happy phone calls and see the fruit of your organization's labor!

I just checked out the Kabul Beauty School book on Amazon -- looks like a good story! Thanks for the recommendation. I love reading stories based in other cultures, as they teach me so much about worlds I don't know firsthand.


Lisa said...

Christianne - yes! I loved Kabul Beauty School for just that reason, but found it especially fascinating since I've been dialoguing regularly with a friend who has spent a decent amount of time in the Islamic world, and also because I just finished reading a book about Islam and Christianity that was recommended by some people I respect who are also immersed in the Muslim world. That said, Kabul Beauty School speaks pretty minimally to the religious culture, but is fascinating as a memoir of a "normal American woman" who is exposed to this culture so opposite to her own and what she learns and experiences! Memoirs are almost always my favorite sort of stories, and if you add travel and culture, I'm a happy lady :)



christianne said...

Me too! I was just reflecting the other day, again, how much I love memoir ... it teaches me what someone's real experience is like, and it's usually centered around some transformative experience they've had. I guess my care for people and the transformation they experience in their lives make memoir the perfect fit for me, then. :)

Lisa said...

Yep, those are totally the reasons I love memoir :)

Jenny said...

What a terrific list, Lisa! Is that the longest ever?
I too, appreciate being a speaker of the dominant language. Recently had dealings with a hospital, where communication is not a strong point - hjad we not been able to speak the language, it would have been impossible!

Hope you have a restful weekend.

Lisa said...

Jenny - it might be the longest ever :) And yes, I was appreciating being able to communicate clearly all over again yesterday!

hope your weekend is fabulous as well!