Friday, November 26, 2010


Since I was out of work for quite a while, it's been a long time since Fridays brought welcome relief.

But, this week, after putting in a very full and crazy week, and dealing with the continuing aftermath of all kinds of crazy family and personal stuff, I'm SO ready for a weekend.

Especially since this weekend is a rare one that is incredibly low key, with very few appointments or formal plans.

My one big goal for Saturday is to hop on the bus and take the three hour loop I was taking almost daily before starting work, and have some quiet down time to read and think and pray.  (What does it say about my living situation that riding the bus for three hours is the safest and most peaceful place to get in some downtime for quiet and reading?)

Tonight I'm having dinner with a friend and her daughter, but low key, order in pizza sort of dinner at her house.  Tomorrow I might be seeing a movie with my mom and aunt.  Sunday afternoon I'm spending a couple hours at a paint your own pottery place with a friend.  The only other thing on the schedule is to hopefully make a trip to my favorite farmer's market (indoors of course!) to pick up some fruit and things to keep me fed for breakfasts and lunches through next week.

And that's all folks!  Quiet is the name of the game.  Low key.  Resting and praying and recuperating.  (At least that's the plan... )


christianne said...

I'm all about the quiet, too! Your plans sound so, so nice.

And I'm sorry to hear that your living situation isn't ideal and is one propellant toward the 3-hour bus tour. (Hadn't realized that was one of the reasons you were doing that.) I'm glad you have that outlet as a way to find some quiet and reading and prayer time.

I hope you have a marvelously quiet weekend, friend! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Christianne!

and yep, my living situation is a whole long story in, umm, crazy! but the bus is a nice escape, and I do actually love it for more reasons than just that one!